Sturgis 2016: The Getting There

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One of the catalysts of this whole RV adventure was a pilgrimage to Sturgis, South Dakota in August of 2016 for the granddaddy of all biker rallies. Chris traveled to the Black Hills with a friend back in 2011 and I was never too keen on going myself, but Miranda Lambert finally convinced me to give it a whirl. In January, she announced a show at the Buffalo Chip during the rally, and I decided that if she could go, then I could go too. Forever thankful that we ended up booking a really great campground (shout out to Days End!!) and NOT staying at the Buffalo Chip, which was kind of disgusting.

And... so... 2016 was full of Sturgis and camping preparations. More than several tents were purchased and tested. Chris really got into pimping out the tent that we finally landed on and he built us a kickass closet, lighting, and power system. We shipped it all to the campground from Oklahoma, pre-printed labels to ship most of it back, and we managed a week of tent camping out of a motorcycle with minimal hiccups. I am NOT a camper or into roughing it in any way, so it was all pretty impressive to me. We really had an amazing time and one of our favorite things was chatting with all the great people that we met at the campground. Some old friends of ours from Missouri used to spend their summers work camping in South Dakota and their winters working in Branson, so we started talking about them and through our vacation stupor... I guess you could say our wheels starting churning towards RV.

Our first two travel days are on YouTube! Many more things to say and videos to make about our time in Sturgis, but they'll have to wait for another day. //Allison

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